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The Life & Magic of Stewart James (1908-1996)


The 21 Thought-Starter Challenge (Part 1)


Everything is something more. Pursuing this line, names may be applied to the delitescent filament from which idiosyncratical mental patterns are woven.

— Stewart James

To describe the delicate webs of ideas formed by the creative side of our subconscious minds as “delitescent” – lying hid, latent, or concealed – is apt.  One of the greatest mysteries we all struggle with is how to tap into our own imaginations.

Few of us, however, sit down at the writing desk to develop and then record specific approaches that we will draw upon for inspiration again and again. 

Astonishingly, Stewart James not only invented twenty-one unique methods for idea generation, he also assigned each “functional thought-starter” to an index card for quick personal reference (SJP 990).  Click the following link for a list of his secret creative weapons:



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