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The Life & Magic of Stewart James (1908-1996)


The Grafter & The Tree Of Knowledge (Part 3)

In the following lines typed by James, he responds to a question from Haxton about how to create suitable trick plots:

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In the letter, James’ explanation of his system is both revealing and cryptic (see whole letter as .pdf).  It provides clear evidence that he is employing plot-method-effect trinities (i.e. his “tables”), then the family tree thought-starter and, finally, his “Three Companions That Never Were” ritual.  This reveals an aspect of the process that “Audio Hypnosis” did not – the use of two thought-starters simultaneously. 

The fact that James kept audio documentation of his meetings with Khardova, Faxton, and Rigonally shows the special importance that their brainstorming sessions had for him (which is also indicated by their position at the top of the twenty-one-thought-starter list).  Both his spiritual connection with his imaginary collaborators and the letters he exchanged with real magicians stimulated his mind.  Members of the physical world along with shadow people from its outer limits joined together to form a close-knit magic community for Stewart James.






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